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PureForge® utilizes a proprietary for treating our rotors called the Atomic-Forged® process. Unlike cryogenically treating a rotor, only changing the crystalline structure of the rotor, the Atomic-Forged® process embeds deep into the rotor surface an ultra wear resistant molecular structure that promotes the adherent friction action of the pad on the rotor rather than the abrasive friction that is normally seen in braking systems. Click here to learn more about the harmful effect of Brake Dust.

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In my 15 year career working with friction materials, I have had the vision that a braking system could be developed that effectively stops the vehicle under a variety of conditions and that can reduce toxic environmental emissions to near-zero. I am confident the PureForge technology provides just such a braking system.
— Dr. Peter Filip Ph.D, D. Sc. (Center for Advanced Friction Studies at the University of Southern Illinois at Carbondale)

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