What Is Atomic-Forging™?

PureForge’s® Atomic-Forged® process is the magic behind our technology, enabling us to deliver a brake system that virtually eliminates wear and operates safer and more effectively. 

How does it work?

We start by selecting the highest quality OEM rotors. We take them through a detailed preparation process, stripping away any particles that may interfere with our Atomic-Forged treatment process. The surface of the rotors then undergo a complex metallurgical treatment protected by multiple patents and patents pending. By modifying the surface of cast iron brake rotors at the molecular level, the end result is a multi-layer, ultra-dense exotic metal matrix that is forged directly into the surface of the rotor. The entire process is computer controlled, robust and highly scalable.

Why does it work?

The biggest enemy of a typical rotor is abrasive friction, the very process that gives traditional braking system their effectiveness also results in their destruction over time. PureForge’s proprietary Atomic-Forged® rotors utilize revolutionary surface treatment properties that change the way the brake pad and the rotor interact with each other. Where traditional systems operate on abrasive friction, ours use adherentfriction. The bonding that takes place between the pad and rotor, as a result of the recomposition of molecules on the surface of the rotor, enables a pairing effect, increasing performance and decreasing wear. 

Okay, that makes sense in theory, but where is the evidence that this will actually hold up on the road with my vehicles? 

1. PureForge rotors have undergone extensive independent laboratory testing. 

Independent research studies at the Center for Advanced Friction Studies at Southern Illinois University have found PureForge brake systems to promote a safer environment. Dr. Peter Filip, the Center’s director, had this to say about PureForge Brake Systems:

In my 15-year career working with friction materials, I have had the vision that a braking system could be developed that effectively stops the vehicle under a variety of conditions and that can reduce toxic environmental emissions to near-zero. I am confident the PureForge technology provides the foundation for creating just such a braking system.”

Click here to learn more about the independent testing done at CIU. 

2. Our rotors have been used by police departments across the country to help protect the lives our officers and civilians. 

One officer had this to say:

....I've been riding my police bike with these (PureForge) rotors and there is no doubt, I have more grip and overall stopping power with PureForge. The difference in braking between my new rotors by PureForge and the manufacturer’s stock rotors is solid and undeniable. The PureForge brakes at high speed react immediately when pre-braking the motorcycle.” 

--I.H. San Diego Sheriff Officer

View a testimony from police officer Quinn Redecker here. 

Learn more about the Northern California EVOC Training evaluations of PureForge brakes here.