What is Atomic-Forging™?

PureForge® utilizes a unique and patented process for treating their rotors called Atomic-Forging™. Unlike purely cryogenically treating the rotor, only changing the crystalline structure of the rotor, the Atomic-Forge™ process embeds deep into the rotor surface an ultra wear resistant surface that promotes the adhesive friction action of the pad on the rotor rather than the abrasive friction that is normally seen in braking systems. 

Can we supply your rotor?

The Atomic-Forge™ system can be used on cast iron and stainless steel rotors that are used on the majority of commercial and personal vehicles. The base material is supplied by genuine OEM parts suppliers to eliminate any concerns on warranty or compatibility. Rotors require no special installation handling or methods, any shop or individual that can install a basic rotor can install a PureForge® rotor without any additional instruction or tools.