Fleet Safety

Fleets nationwide are taking advantage of the huge savings with PureForge Atomic-Forged® rotors, by reducing the total number of rotor replacements for their fleets. No other OEM rotor on the market today comes with a 5 year / 200,000 mile warranty!


Extended Life

PureForge® uses top quality OEM rotors and then utilizes a proprietary Atomic-Forged® process. This patented process embeds deep into the rotor surface a molecular structure that promotes the adherant friction of the pad to the rotor, rather than the abrasive friction that is normally seen in braking systems, therefore making the rotor last 7x longer than an untreated OEM rotor.

Braking Test Graphic.png

Stops Shorter

PureForge® rotors stop ~20% shorter than standard OEM rotors and disperse heat at an amazing rate. This means you can push the rotors as far as your car will let you and stopping only gets better due to the adherent friction generated by the Atomic-Forged® process. Shorter stopping distance equates to significantly reducing accidents for your fleet.


Reduces Brake Fade & Dust

Because adherent friction does not accumulate or dissipate heat in the same way as abrasive friction, we see a significant reduction in brake fade when rotors are subjected to high heat situations, such as high payload, steep downhill conditions, or high speed driving.The PureForge® rotor will also help minimize brake dust, leaving your wheels cleaner, longer.