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Pure Safety

It is estimated that one in five fleet vehicles will be in an accident during their lifetime. How many accidents would be avoided if your brakes could stop shorter…significantly shorter?  With the advent of the Atomic-Forged® system by PureForge®, the additional stopping power inherent in adherent friction between your rotor and pad can now be harnessed to provide 20% more stopping power when you need it most.

This is a test conducted with repeated 60-0 stops displaying the consistency of PureForge® rotors versus standard OEM rotors. Notice as the stop increases the PureForge® stopping power increase and the OEM rotors stopping power decreases.

Pure Savings

Another added benefit of the Atomic-Forge® braking system is reduced wear on both the rotors and the pads. Significantly diminishing the abrasive friction and boosting the adherent friction gives the added benefit of allowing a set of rotors to last the normal service life of a vehicle and pads to last 5-20 times longer. This savings can really add up to significant ROI for your fleet.

I Manage A Fleet

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"PureForge® Brakes Save Lives."

— Michael Garcia, Police Officer, Escondido Police Department.

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Pure Performance

Because adherent friction does not accumulate or dissipate heat in the same way as abrasive friction, we also see an elimination of brake fade when rotors are subjected to high heat situations, such as high payload, steep downhill conditions, or high speed driving.