Why PureForge®?

PureForge® utilizes a unique and patented process for treating their rotors called Atomic-Forging™. Unlike purely cryogenically treating the rotor, only changing the crystalline structure of the rotor, the Atomic-Forge™ process embeds deep into the rotor surface an ultra wear resistant surface that promotes the adhesive friction action of the pad on the rotor rather than the abrasive friction that is normally seen in braking systems. 

Learn how you can save $7,000 per vehicle with PureForge® Rotors

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Traditional brakes fail when the friction between the pad and rotor create significant heat, upwards of 925˚F. Despite all of our attempts, we haven’t been able to get ours to heat up past 660˚F. With no brake fade and, as a result, no brake failure, PureForge rotors are able to deliver consistent braking regardless of speed or pedal pressure. This gives your drivers more control and less variability in their braking, helping to reduce the number of accidents and ultimately, save lives.

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Independent performance testing has shown that vehicles equipped with our rotors are able to stop up to 20% sooner and it gets even better. Stopping distance actually decreases over time as the adhesive friction bond between the brake pad and rotor strengthens. This means that the more you brake, the more effective your brakes become.

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Vehicles carrying a payload can go through brakes several times throughout their life. With PureForge, the expensive costs of replacement parts and labor, as well as the lost revenue from vehicle downtime, are avoided almost completely. No matter how hard we try, our brake rotors refuse to wear out, and the pads paired with them last 5-20 times longer. They outlast the life of your vehicle, guaranteed. That means you never have to worry about purchasing rotors ever again. Conservatively, this will save a net of $7,000 per vehicle over its lifetime. How’s that for a return on investment?