Take Your Pursuit To The Next Level

Police departments all over the nation are choosing PureForge. Know why? With the PureForge Atomic-Forged® rotors, they are increasing performance utilizing our rotor for the reduction of brake fade on their emergency pursuits. Departments are also saving money by significantly reducing rotor replacements, all while saving the environment by reducing harmful brake dust. We supply rotors for the entire fleet of law enforcement vehicles from traditional patrol cars up to armored vehicles. This is all guaranteed by our best-in-class 5 year / 200,000 mile warranty!

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Don’t take our word for it, check out what law enforcement personnel have to say about PureForge brakes…

Shelley Kennedy-Smith (Lake Elsinore Chief of Police)

"It was determined that PureForge® actually did show us a better system in terms of braking and that was part of the recommendation we gave to the City of Lake Elsinore to help the city manager and the mayor to move forward with this technology."

Marc Silveira (EVOC Instructor – Northern California Law Enforcement)

"[With] the PureForge® brakes I can feel very confident that I’m not going to lose my brakes, to me that’s the difference between getting in an accident and not getting into an accident. That’s huge! And I think these brakes are absolutely awesome, they’re amazing!"

"PureForge Brakes Made All The Difference."

Michael Garcia (19 Year Law Enforcement Service)

“I had to apply my brakes and make an emergency stop, and when I came to a stop I had to turn my handlebars just at the last moment to avoid striking [a pedestrian]. I could actually see his head through the fairing at the top of my motorcycle, I could see his head by my front wheel. The PureForge® brakes made all the difference in me being able to stop. I believe wholeheartedly that the PureForge brakes system saved my life and this pedestrian's life.”

DUNS#: 022880688   |   CAGE Code: 7QMM3